Monday, January 12, 2015


Hi guys!! Just a warning this post is going to be a little bit all over the place but I hope you all with bear with me! I'm not sure who actually keeps up with my blog anymore since of course there hasn't been much of anything to keep up with! It's sad that it feels so foreign to even be writing a blog post right now because it's been so long. I genuinely miss communicating and sharing with all of you through my little blog but life got so busy in (for the most part) the best ways possible.

Just to share a little big about what's been going on the past year. THE PAST YEAR! It blows my mind I haven't consistently blogged in a year. How is it that I went a year without doing something I enjoy so much?? I really want to change that and I know I can, I hope whoever still would enjoy reading my blog will stick around. I'm planning on making some big changes which I'll share more towards the end of this post. Back to an update on my life the past year, you guys know I can easily get off track. Alright, so where to start... a big reason my blog kind of went into hibernation was because I began attending cosmetology school at Paul Mitchell. I thought I'd be able to juggle school and my blog but ultimately my family, friends, and school time took up so much of my time that it just wasn't realistic for me. I don't know how some of you juggle blogging along with your busy lives, I truly admire you! I'm hoping on sharing my cosmetology school experience with you guys in a separate post if you'd like because I have a lot to share about that journey. Overall, it was such a learning experience (obviously) and a time of immense growth for me personally. Throughout school I put a lot of pressure on myself to find a job before graduation. In the end that didn't happen and I thought I was a failure because of it. Fortunately I realized fast that I had something to offer salons and my future employer; conclusively I realized it was okay for me to take my time and be selective in choosing my prospective salon. Mere days after graduating cosmetology school (November 19th), and thanks to one amazing women from my school in particular, I interviewed with an up and coming salon that was not yet open. Going into that meeting I wasn't expecting too much but figured it would be a good opportunity nonetheless. I will say when I stop my controlling, crazy ways and just let God lead my life, amazing things happen. After meeting with the salon I realized immediately it was what I wanted. They had a wonderful TEAM, a genuinely true team, a hell of a lot of passion, and a uniquely wonderful salon. Honestly it was more than I knew I wanted. Needless to say, working and training with Artistry Salon has taken up most of my time these days. I'm in a place in my life where I've made incredible friends, I have an awesome job, and life is just going to get even better. Of course there will be bumps in the road, but that's to be expected!

With all of that being said, I finally feel like I can create content for you guys that I can be proud of and will impact and inspire you in even the smallest of ways. I never want to stop bringing you all beauty related content but now it'll be in a variety of ways. I may still post makeup looks and possibly nail art like the good ol' days, but I also may include posts where I just talk and share with you guys about work or color formulas or experiences with my guests. Who knows exactly what it'll be, all I know is I want to share and I hope you guys want to listen! So, bear with me through the changes that'll be happening over here, I'm so excited about them.

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